6 Awesome DIY Diamond Painting Storage Hacks

6 Awesome DIY Diamond Painting Storage Hacks

Envision this. You have a large number of precious stones all painstakingly spread out on the table, and you’re overly prepared to start your best in class pack.

There’s just a single issue: none of your compartments have covers! Shock, your pooch just bounced up onto your workstation, and now your jewels are EVERYWHERE.

There’s gotta be a superior way! We delved into entries from our Paint With Diamonds Facebook people group to locate the most flawlessly awesome DIY Diamond Painting Storage hacks that will take your new fixation to the following level!

1. Utilize A K-Cup Spinner To Hold Your Diamonds.

Espresso junkie? At that point you presumably have one of these great K-Cup Organizing spinners lying around! PWD fan Carrie Frazier made a precious stone holder out of a K-Cup holder! How inventive. A debt of gratitude is in order for the tip Carrie!!!

On the off chance that you have to get one, Amazon has them for about $14.99.

2. Prescription Boxes Are Also Handy To Sort Your Gems.

“I use prescription boxes. Works great! I’d fear that getting thumped over and a top falling off. Trust me dumping the jewels all over a covered floor isn’t entertaining!”

Andria Mary Classen gets the job done perfectly with this genius sorting out tip!

3. Void Out An Egg Carton And Sort Your Rhinestones!

This precious stone stockpiling tip comes to you over simple! Utilize an old egg container to sort your marked packs of precious stones for later use.

At the point when you’re prepared to utilize a particular shading, essentially void out various dabs into your sorting out plate and set the rest back in the egg container. Holler to Niña Conklin for the genius tip!

4. Go For Tupperware Containers If You Have Loads Of One Color.

Did you simply get a sketch with a gigantic measure of one shading? Is it accurate to say that you are swimming in 310s at this moment and not certain what to do withy yourself?

“I have 38,916 penetrates in 195 sacks. So dreadful. I needed to place it in a rubbermaid bowl just to have them fit.” Awesome tip, Jessica Bolinger!

5. Get Lazy And Splurge On Amazon Prime.

OK, so this one isn’t so much “DIY,” however it surely takes care of business well! Dot stockpiling plate like this marvelous Elizabeth Ward 45-Piece Storage Set ($17.01 on Amazon) can keep the more fanatical habitual among us upbeat.

DP lover Kathy Oakley says, “Since this is changeless stockpiling, diamond painting for my new house I utilized my name producer. The names that accompany the framework go on the base of the holders so it is difficult to see initially

You know how those garments at the laundry’s are constantly hung up, named, and arranged fastidiously? How about we apply the equivalent arranging way to deal with your precious stones!

As Nathalie Gazaille puts it, “This is my new stockpiling for left over drills… Holder, pins, smaller than expected packs, stickers (you find in 1$ stores!)… I hang 200 smaller than expected packs! Extremely modest to have this stockpiling.”

Have a wonderful DIY stockpiling tip? Leave it in the remarks beneath! What’s more, remember to impart this post to your individual resolute Paint With Diamonds fans!

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