How To Match Your Dress To Your Figure


Wow, this ┬ádress! “… Find all our fashion and trendy tips to find your perfect dress. Like all women, you dream of a dress model and simply tell you that you would like to have it In your closet, you are hesitant to wear it, because you do not know if this dress is made for you, whether your silhouette is androgynous, round or pyramidal, there is a model of dress that will sublimate your silhouette. Before running into the shops, you are given all the fashion tips to find your shape of dress according to your morphology.

The pyramid silhouette


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Your profile: You have a narrow bust and wide hips.

You have to choose: a model with a high adjusted and floating at the hips. You will thus attract the eyes towards the top of your body and at the same time avoid the effect “bottle of orangina”. This image depresses you? Rest assured, many of us have a pyramid figure and that does not prevent being beautiful or being sexy. Provided to dress in function. Then, to emphasize your bust, you are spoiled for choice: American armholes (as in the picture), thin straps, small sleeves flying … Dare also the necklines (in V, square …). And if you have a small chest, do not forget your push-up.

To conceal your hips, prefer fluids that will not mold you.

The inverted inverted-shaped silhouette


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Your profile: your shoulders and your bust are wide but your hips, waist and legs are fine.

You have to choose: a dress with sleeves, even short, a loose a little (especially if you have a little tummy). You must absolutely draw attention to the finer parts of your body. For this, do not hesitate to show your thighs by opting for a length above the knee (in addition, it lengthens the silhouette) and to emphasize your hips.

How? With a belt. Be careful though to choose it: low waist if you have a little belly so that it highlights only your hips. High waist only if your belly is flat otherwise you will be strapped and this is not the desired effect …

The rectangular silhouette


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Your profile: Your waist and your hips are not very marked. Your shoulders are broad, your chest small … You have what is called a “little boy” body.

You have to choose: a pattern that creates the illusion of curves with a well-fitted wrap-around top to enhance your chest but also details such as gathers, pleats and belts to narrow the waist. To you, the V collars, empire cut dresses and trapezoid shapes. To avoid: the round neck that will make you tiny breasts.

Our advice: accessorize your outfit to boost your femininity. A long necklace, heels and the trick is played.

The round silhouette


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Your profile: You are round from everywhere.

You must choose: A flowing dress. Avoid over stretch materials that mold the body and small beads. Prefer the ample shapes, tunics and why not blouse. On the length, the best remains the one at the knee. Finally, if the dark colors make it possible to refine the silhouette, tell yourself that you too can dare the colors and even the prints. Be careful, however, to choose the size of your garment. When fitting, make sure you are comfortable.

Our advice: If you do not feel comfortable wearing a dress, put on a legging. And bet on the belt under the chest for a glamorous and trendy touch.


The hourglass silhouette



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Your profile: You are voluptuous with a bust and wide hips but a fine waist.

You have to choose: a flared pattern but well marked at the waist and a fitted top, preferably with a V-neck, to highlight your beautiful neckline. We chose this Saharan because it emphasizes the forms while giving a natural and relaxed look.

Our advice: indulge yourself by putting wooden bracelets and heeled shoes with round or open ends … in short, sober accessories for a chic, anti-bling-bling look.